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ONLINE Classic + Volume Beginner Course

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Who is this course for?

Beginner artists who want to get into the lash industry without committing to a big investment. Artists who have taken a beginner course and feel like they learned NOTHING, this will serve as a refresher.


What you will learn?

All the necessary information to get started. I will cover each lash design, style, and mapping. Check out the course content to look at the information that will be provided.

Kit will Include:


Lash Trays (each diameter and various lengths

• Isolation and Volume Tweezers

• Eyepads 

• Hand-held fan

I • Spoolies

• Lip applicators 

• Micro Tips

• Sensitive skin tape

I • Adhesive

• Primer

 •Cream remover 

• Superbonder 

• Practice sponge

• Premade cards 

• Lash Cleanser




How to use

It is advised that you have proper training working with eyelash tweezers to make the most out of their use.


Shipping is dependent on location and shipping preference.

Return policy

**This is a nonrefundable purchase**

  • "I been in the lash industry for a year. With time and different experiences I had a lot of questions. Thanks to this advance course I was able to answer literally all the questions I had. I learned different techniques from mapping, layering to glue chemistry. Arlene shared all her knowledge, making everything very clear and easy to understand. I am very happy I went for it and took this advance course. Best investment I’ve done since I started my business!!"

  • "I purchased Novaesthetix’s advanced online course in January. I’m fairly new to lashing and had no idea how to fan regular volume lashes. I loved Arlene’s work and how her spikes stood out so I wanted to give it a try. Of course at first I was hesitant, but I messaged Arlene about the questions and concerns that I had. She was super helpful in making sure this was the right course for me versus flying out to do a 1 on 1 training due to scheduling conflicts etc.After going through the course material (which she gives you 6 mos access), we had a zoom call to go over any areas I was struggling with. She took her time to go over everything in detail even down to what pillow would work best for me and my clients! When I tell you I sent her photos of my fans and she responded swiftly in letting my know which fans were good to use and which ones needed more lovin’ ! Her feedback even before purchasing the course is what honestly sold me."

  • " If I have any questions or even just an update, she’s always there to help you. And it’s not just videos of her demonstrating how to execute her mappings etc. her manual is also very detailed from the diameter, lengths, bases and even glue chemistry ! And her kit comes with everything you need to be successful ! This is the course for you if want to step up your wispy sets as well as photo editing skills !